Executive Summary

Axel is a seasoned bar manager with over 10 years of comprehensive experience in bartending, specializing in mixology and beverage service management across various hospitality settings in Cuba and Zanzibar. He possesses a deep knowledge of international cocktail recipes, having personally developed new beverage recipes that notably enhanced bar revenue. Axel’s career includes roles as Bar Manager and Supervisor, where he led teams in high-volume events, managed extensive liquor stocks, and maintained high standards of customer service.

Educationally, Axel has fortified his hands-on experience with formal training, completing a Professional Bartending Course at El Bosque from 2018 to 2022 and earlier foundational courses in hospitality and service management. His technical skills include expert mixology, wine and food pairing, and efficient use of Point of Sale (POS) systems, which he has also taught to other staff members.

In his recent role at Kendwa Rocks Beach Hotel (December 2022 – October 2023), Axel supervised bar operations during large-scale events, managed inventories, and trained new staff on international cocktail-making, all while ensuring optimal customer satisfaction. This role capitalized on his abilities in staff training, inventory management, and customer engagement, showcasing his leadership in managing bar services effectively.

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