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Benignace is a skilled bartender with over four years of professional experience, primarily gained through roles at RIU Hotels & Resorts and Capetown Fish Market Restaurant, as well as operating as a freelance bartender. He brings commitment to high-quality service in the hospitality industry. Benignace has been recognized for his ability to craft unique drinks and provide excellent customer service, ensuring a welcoming atmosphere for patrons. His skills extend to managing bar operations, maintaining cleanliness and inventory, and adhering to health and safety standards.

Educationally, Benignace has advanced his bartending knowledge through courses at the European Bartender School and an in-house program at RIU Hotels & Resorts. His abilities include multitasking, time management, adaptability, and creating latte arts. Benignace’s career objective is to leverage his mixology skills and friendly demeanor to enhance customer experiences and consistently deliver innovative and high-quality cocktails.

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