Executive Summary

Pavraj is an experienced business development manager with a notable track record in various sectors including hospitality, finance, and digital transformation across Africa. Currently, he serves as a Business Development Manager at Unifab Kenya Ltd in Zanzibar, Tanzania, where he has been employed since October 2023. Previously, he held the role of Director of Business Development at SyScraft Limited in Nairobi, Kenya, where he contributed to digital transformation projects for government and financial services providers.

Pavraj’s experience is complemented by his strong educational background with a degree in Marketing from the University of Manitoba, earned between 2017 and 2020. He has also cultivated a diverse skill set, including customer service, communication, marketing (both traditional and digital), and software proficiency in areas like SEO and email marketing.

His multilingual proficiency includes Hindi and Punjabi as native languages, English at a full professional level, Swahili at a professional working level, and elementary French. Pavraj’s dedication to customer satisfaction and innovative business strategies has repeatedly proven effective in fostering growth and enhancing operational efficiency in his professional roles.

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