Executive Summary

Hany is a seasoned professional with over 18 years of diverse experience spanning tourism, hospitality, and customer service. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Tourism & Hotels, specializing in Hotel Management from the Faculty of Tourism & Hotels, enhancing his expertise in the sector.

Throughout his career, Hany has demonstrated significant adaptability and leadership, having worked in various capacities including Tour Guide, Tour Leader, Customer Care Representative, and Health and Safety Quality Control & Training Manager. His roles often centered around creating memorable travel experiences and ensuring high standards of safety and customer satisfaction in the hospitality and tourism industry.

He has been particularly effective in managing restaurant operations, team leadership, and customer service in international settings, which include working with major companies like TUI UK and Travco. His proficiency in both Arabic and English, along with his strong interpersonal skills, has enabled him to excel in multicultural and diverse environments.

Hany’s experience is complemented by his ability to provide educational and entertaining commentary during tours, manage logistics like itinerary planning and transportation arrangements, and ensure compliance with safety protocols. His career also includes notable positions such as the Coordinator for global conferences like COP 27, showcasing his capability in high-stakes and high-profile environments.

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