Executive Summary

Stefano brings an extensive international background in hotel and resort management with a profound focus on sea resorts. His career, spanning over the past seven years in Tanzania, showcases his capability as a hands-on manager adept in multiple roles including General Manager, Restaurant Manager, and Front Office Manager. His academic journey includes studies in the USA, Italy, Switzerland, and a master’s degree in Hotel Management, enhancing his well-rounded expertise in the hospitality sector.

Stefano is fluent in English, Italian, and Russian, with sufficient knowledge of French and beginner-level Swahili, equipping him to excel in multicultural environments. His career includes notable roles such as Managing Director at Azure Boutique Resort in Tanzania, where he was instrumental from inception to operational phases, significantly boosting the resort’s performance even during challenging periods like the pandemic. His prior roles include General Manager positions in Russia, Uzbekistan, Egypt, and Italy, highlighting his global managerial prowess and adaptability.

His technical skills are further backed by certifications in F&B operations, hotel safety, and e-commerce, which complement his hands-on managerial style. Stefano’s dedication to excellence is also evident in his published work, “The Hotel Dictionary – Grande Dizionario e Manuale Alberghiero,” showcasing his commitment to the hospitality industry. His extensive experience and versatile skill set make him a strong candidate for senior management roles in the hospitality sector.

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