Executive Summary

Kelvin  is a seasoned hospitality management professional, boasting over a decade of experience in the tourism industry, specifically in hotel, lodge, and camp management. Over his career, Kelvin has developed a robust set of skills in guest relations, team management, and operational oversight. His experience spans managing multiple facets of hospitality operations including staffing, budgeting, inventory management, and customer service excellence.

Kelvin has held several key managerial roles. Notably, he served as a Lodge Manager for Simbavati Grumeti from May to August 2023, where he managed lodge operations and staff, ensuring top-notch guest satisfaction and operational efficiency. Prior to this, he was a Camp Supervisor/Manager at Singita Grumeti from May to September 2022 and has previously taken on roles at Asilia Camps & Lodges and Zan View Hotel in Zanzibar.

In terms of education, Kelvin holds a Diploma in Tourism Management from Machakos University and a Diploma in Sales and Marketing from Transnational College. He is also trained in various professional capacities including customer care, hospitality management, and has certifications in Spanish and tourism from St. John’s Vocational Training Centre.

Kelvin’s multilingual proficiency includes English, Spanish, and Swahili, complemented by technical skills in various hospitality management systems like Boss System, Navision, and Nights Bridge System. His career is distinguished by a commitment to excellence in customer service and the ability to foster positive relationships with guests and staff alike.

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