Reservations/Operations Manager

Executive Summary

Mwesigwa is a seasoned hospitality professional with 8 years of experience in the hotel industry. He holds a Bachelor of Travel and Hospitality Management from Makerere University and has received certifications in hospitality and defensive driving. Hassan’s career has seen him progress through various roles including Reservations Officer Intern, Operations/Reservations Manager, Sales/Marketing Manager, Guest Experience Manager, and Reservations/Operations Manager, most recently at The Humura Hotel. His responsibilities have encompassed reservation processing, strategic sales leadership, marketing initiatives, customer relationship management, and operational compliance. Mwesigwa is adept in various software including Microsoft Excel and Word, and brings strong managerial, customer care, and crisis management skills. Fluent in English and with some knowledge of Swahili and Arabic, Hassan is dedicated to enhancing guest experiences and operational efficiency. He has worked in Uganda, Zambia, Rwanda, and currently, Zanzibar. As a forward-thinking hotelier, Mwesigwa is poised to leverage his expertise to shape unforgettable guest experiences and drive success for hotel ventures in today’s dynamic hospitality landscape.

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