Executive Summary

Sandra is a dynamic and versatile professional with extensive experience in hospitality management and customer service. With over 18 years of experience, Sandra has held various roles, including Assistant Operations Manager at Alladin Beach Hotel and Spa in Zanzibar, Guest Relations Manager at Herangtunet in Norway, and Assistant Manager at Paradise & Wilderness Group in Zanzibar. Her background also includes roles such as Front Office Hostess and Entrepreneur in the Netherlands, and Management Assistant for World Traveler in Curaçao and Turkey.

Sandra holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and certifications in Early Childhood Education, Tourism and Recreation, Hospitality Assistance, and Interior Design. She is proficient in managing operations, guest relations, and team leadership, demonstrating strong organizational, communication, and problem-solving skills. Her financial knowledge, commercial insight, and empathetic approach make her an asset in any hospitality setting. Sandra is noted for her flexibility, perseverance, creativity, and customer-oriented mindset, which contribute to her effectiveness in ensuring smooth operations and high guest satisfaction.

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