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Roselyne is a proficient HR and Administration professional based in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, actively seeking opportunities in various administrative roles including Executive Assistant, Personal Assistant, Front Office Manager, Front Office Supervisor, HR Officer, and HR Assistant. She brings over 7 years of comprehensive experience in Human Resource Management and administration. Rose holds a Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources Management from Kampala International University, complemented by qualifications in Business and ICT from Longford Community School in London.

Her professional journey includes significant roles such as Administration Officer at VirtuSync, where she was responsible for office management, employee relations, and budget oversight. As an HR Manager at N.V. Patel & Bros Ltd, she managed HR policies, recruitment, and legal compliance. Her earlier positions as Administration Assistant at Breakthrough Africa Ltd and Customer Service Assistant at Multichoice equipped her with a strong foundation in customer service and office administration.

Rose is highly skilled in leadership, Microsoft Office, customer service, and marketing, with excellent communication in both English and Swahili. Rose is ready for her next career challenge and to contribute effectively in a dynamic work environment.

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